The MPC Photo Challenge

The Marin Photography Club sponsors a bi-monthly photo challenge which is open not only to paid members of the Marin Photography Club, but to all Marin Photography Club MEETUP.COM members.

Challenge topics are posted every other mid-month and the competition closes six weeks later on the last day of the following month.

Link to MPC page:

Full details are on the MPC website, but here is a summary….

  • Photos MUST be taken during the six-week challenge period
  • Upload to the gallery linked in the Challenge, along with the date captured and any title
  • You can only vote for one image and you cannot vote for your own image
  • Voting is by email to [email protected]: Enter the maker’s name and “I VOTE FOR THIS ONE”
  • You must vote to win.
  • We encourage everyone to comment on others’ images directly on the website

For the winner:

  • The winning image becomes our MPC Meetup banner
  • Our good friends at The Image Flow in San Anselmo will print an image of the winner’s choice

Here is a direct link to all of our past Challenges: