The MPC Photo Challenge

After spending the past couple of years trying out a new web host for our challenges, we’ve decided to return to hosting them on Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, but we believe Meetup provides a slightly better experience for everyone.

Starting with our September/October challenge, “Monochrome,” entries can be uploaded to the Marin Photography Club page on

MONOCHROME: Black and White and all the subtle shades of gray

What can you do without the distraction of color? Shooting in monochrome is about light, tone, and form. Monochrome images use tonal contrast to tell a story drawing attention to the light and arrangement of lines, shapes, and textures within the frame. A monochrome photo strips an image down to the real basics.

Let’s see how creative you can get. Grab your camera or phone, get those creative juices flowing and express yourself. Good luck!

  • Photos MUST be taken during the challenge period, September 15 – October 31.
  • The date captured must be entered in the Title area, along with your title.
  • Unlike PollUnit, you can only vote for one image.
  • To vote, write in the comments section “I VOTE FOR THIS ONE”
  • You can NOT vote for your own.
  • You must vote to win.
  • We encourage everyone to comment on others’ images

For the winner:

  • The winning image becomes our MPC Meetup banner
  • The Image Flow in San Anselmo will print an image of the winner’s choice

Meetup Link:

Feel free to email the MPC Challenge crew with your questions or issues:

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